Fortran my library attempt

These are PDF files:
Standalone working program
Fortran Module
This works with myf95mod.f95
Static library for testlib.f95
This doesn't evaluate the call(ed) functions
A way to use a fortran library in Ada

Using a dynamic library containing modules
Example of library containing modules
$ gfortran -c testlib.f95
$ gfortran -c myf95lib.f95
$ gortran -shared -fPIC myf95lib.f95 -o
$ gfortran -o testlib testlib.o -L. ./
$ gnatmake -c adafortran.adb
$ gnatlink adafortran.ali

Errata Fortran 95 Handbook Complete ISO/ANSI reference p.40 ISBN: 0-262-51096-0

tar file:
The ada package AdaCGI
Combined sources Ada and Fortran

Demo to use a fortran library in AdaCgi